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Things To Do On Bruny

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Bruny Island, is situated beside the d’Entrecasteaux Channel and is well renowned as a boating paradise. It is a pristine natural haven offering spectacular scenery, miles of sandy beaches, rare fauna and stunning rainforest.

North and South Bruny are joined by a picturesque isthmus ‘the neck’, which is home to fairy penguins and shearwaters.

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Dennes Point Village activities:

  • Swimming on beautiful Nebraska Beach
  • Kayaking and boating facilities
  • Impressive bike riding environment
  • Fishing from the pier
  • Sandstone cliffs and rock-pool walk
  • Scenic walking routes
  • Tennis court and recreation reserve

Explore—Discover fairy penguins at dusk, breathtaking eco boat tour, quirky island cafes, second oldest lighthouse surrounded by spectacular scenery, diving, sailing, sea kayaking (hire at Roaring 40’s Kettering), and much more.

Rare Fauna—As well as wallabies, possums and echidnas you will discover white wallabies (sth island), quolls, fairy penguins, short tailed shearwaters and the forty spotted pardalote at Dennes Point to name a few.